Do you want to know more about your family’s history and your ancestors

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I can help

I love researching and finding out about the people who made us what we are.  Not everyone can claim royalty or any sort of notoriety in their family’s past but we all have intriguing people who make up our story.  Most of these people are ordinary, hard-working individuals.  Some battled against great odds to live their lives; some travelled great distances in terrible circumstances and yet others “bucked the trend”, taking a course of action that changed their family’s fortunes for ever – for better or worse.  Everyone’s family is peopled by individuals who, whether we like it or not, made their contributions to our story.

I am a professional genealogist and family historian who has been tracing family stories for over 30 years.

Contact me for help to find your family tree tales and the stories that make you who you are.

I prefer to quote a price based on the research you want carried out, so that I can tailor my services to your requirements.  This will be based on a rate of £28 per hour, plus expenses; all enquiries include an initial one hour free consultation to see what might be possible.
I’m happy to discuss what sort of report you want – a simple chart, a detailed report or a report for a present –  and will factor that in to the price I quote.