About Me

My name is Kate Keter and I have been researching family trees for over 30 years.  It all started when I decided to try to find the origins of my husband’s family name.  In those days nothing was digitised; searching for Scottish ancestors meant a visit to Edinburgh, searching through very large ledger-type indexes and then being escorted to view the original registers.  Not quick, and you had to be good at recording all the information you saw.  Once I had gone as far as I could, I moved on to filling in my own tree, and after that to searching out ancestors for others.

What started as an occasional interest soon developed into a full-blown hobby before becoming close to an addiction (ask anyone who has been researching their family tree and they will tell you the same).  In recent years I’ve turned my nosiness (some might call it obsession) about the people in our past into a profession/business.  I undertook a post-graduate course in Genealogical Studies at Strathclyde University and in 2016 successfully completed the MSc.

In addition to carrying out research for clients I am a tutor on the Genealogy and Family History courses at the Strathclyde Institue of Genealogical Studies, have spoken and run workshops at various Genealogy/Family History conferences and other organisations.

Some lovely feedback from clients……….

“Thank-you for the detailed and comprehensive report. We are very thankful to have found you.”

“This is fantastic, XXXX will be very pleased. Thank you very much for all your hard work in this. Much appreciated.”

“I am impressed with the professional way you have approached my assignment and grateful for the things you have discovered … Best wishes from a satisfied client”

I am a professional genealogist and family historian, contact me for help to find your family tree tales and the stories that make you who you are.

I am a member of the Association of Scottish Genealogists and Researchers in Archives (ASGRA), the Register of Qualified Genealogists (RQG) and the Scottish Genealogy Network.